If You Miss Home

Living away from home presents many different challenges. One of which is communication. Even though there are free internet services like yahoo or skype, it is different when you speak to your loved ones on the phone. While the rates are not cheap, it would be good use prepaid phone cards similar to india phone cards.

I should let my relatives in the US know about these prepaid cards. They call my folks back in the Philippines as well as their other relatives there. The voice quality should be at par from the bigger telecom companies. It is big savings if you get both good voice quality and cheap phone card rates.

From the phone card site, you can quickly decide on which card type you’ll get. The rates and quality per card are all presented on the main page. No need to doubt if you’ll get the amount of talk time based on the amount you paid for.

Thanks to cheap but quality phone cards. Calling home need not be costly anymore.

Posted bymarikit at 4/17/2008 01:04:00 AM  


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